Botworld Adventure Tier List Guide

Slicer has the maximum DPS and second-highest burst damage in the game, trailing only Brute. These, combined with his overall excellent ability to synergize with a team, place him in the top tier. You can count on Virus to perform admirably as a brawler, regardless of which team he is assigned to. He has a high HP and disrupts the enemy team by hacking into them and forcing them to fight each other. This is the tier where the bot has all-around abilities to reach level 5000 or higher. Botworld Adventure Global version is now officially available on Android & iOS platforms.

However, make sure you have a strong squad of bots with you since you never know what is around the corner. The danger zone is where you can get the rare scrap, but as the name sounds, it is full of Danger. If you are knocked out or choose Jetpack back home, you can only come back the next day. This rare scrap is required to build the best bots in the game. As enticing it may sound, the fights in Danger Zone are not easy, and it is recommended that you take the right set of bots with you. Ram is a melee bot that belongs to the Chaser category because botworld best team of its speed and high mobility. Apart from its main role, players using Ram can chase down enemy bots as it has control skills where he can knock up the enemy on air after hitting them. In the lower stages of the game, Bigshot deservingly earns S+ tier. Bandits and PvP players alike will develop skills like Freeze as the game advances, and Bigshot will be a high priority target for the opposing AI with those CC abilities. You’re unlikely to get two shots off before the game ends because he requires four seconds to charge for each shot.


Published by Featherweight Games, Botworld Adventure is free-to-play with in-game microtransactions. Slicer, unlike Brute, does not require any arrangement for his burst and has a decent 15 Mobility on top of that a gap closer ability. He’s not exactly squishy, and he’s a very scary, high-risk, high-reward pick for any team. B – These tier ranked bots are not undoubtedly good enough to face powerful bosses, but they are suitable to perform in small events and tasks. Tier lists are largely opinion-based and can vary based on how much you weigh results vs theoretical viability. That being said, among many tier lists you will see similar trends due to the overall community conception of the strength of a character according to their results.
botworld best team
Enemy ultimate skills can sometimes target those at the back. If you cannot kill these enemies fast enough, the other solution lies in crowd control characters. Just as you start the game, you’ll be asked to venture out in the wilds with your first bot. The bots are monsters that populate the Botworld and have various unique abilities. While you’re exploring, you will come across various other bots which you can battle and earn rewards. You can also complete quests and objectives to earn rewards. However, if there are a lot of characters with varied stats and powers, it may be tough to keep track of them all because no one likes confusion! That’s why we’ve put together a Botworld Adventure tier list to assist you in selecting the best characters in the game. If you’re looking for the best bots to play within Botworld Adventure, then look no further. This article will show you the best selections with which you can outshine your friends in no time.

Botworld Adventure Tier List July Best Bots Ranked

Countering a doc is really easy, you just need to fight him smart. Use a robot with a lot of health and some firepower, it doesn’t need a lot of firepower. Since doc can only use 2 medium weapons at same time, it isn’t as dangerous as spectre. If he successfully hide behind cover, and if there’s no other enemy, you can go close to him. Doc isn’t good at brawling, so there will be a very big chance that you will win the fight .
botworld best team
We recommend dodging your would-be opponents along the way due to the abuse your Repair Canister will receive after every battle. This place is littered with enemies so you’re bound to fight at least two or three of them as you explore. Either way, we wish you good luck and a good haul should you attempt this adventure. However, if pulled off properly, this can make for a high-risk, high-reward scenario. Supports are ideally deployed depending on the skills of the Support Bot. For example, if the enemy has more than one Evader, deploy a Support like Tether to help pin one Evader down.

What Is A Botworld Adventure Tier List?

This means he doesn’t steal aggro from enemy bots by chasing them away from his squad, but it also means that his ranged ability can constantly inflict damage and stun foes. Gust or someone similar can assist him in directing opponents towards him. Longshot is a sniper class character with Integrations a Special rarity. He may appear to be your typical sniper bot, but he is far from it. While some snipers have higher DPS on paper than Longshot, they are far easier to counter than Longshot. Longshot deals constant damage and has a failsafe ability to buy time when attackers approach.
On paper, Beat appears to be a fantastic bot, but it is limited by the fact that powers are used automatically. This bot’s abilities do not allow for proper setup and timing with those of other bots. Because he has a specific usage for quick burst teams like groupers, where every bot uses their burst at the start of the battle, he is ranked so high. Botworld is a huge, beautiful and diverse world which you can explore as you venture out to collect rare scrap and discover new bots. The game has lots of cool features and modes to choose from. You can participate in arenas, fight PVP battles, or even join guilds and go into war with other guilds. Each of your monsters can be upgraded to reach new heights, so you’ll be having tons of fun even when you’re playing the game for a long time. The variety of weapons might equipped on this robot is a lot.

Botworld Adventure B Tier List

I probably should’ve left the escape game out of that list because it means nothing but SK, AGG and E-Frag are all in the top 30. Consistently winning games against teams like that should mean something, don’t you think? Well, in any sport, if a team lost a player for any reason, they need to get over it. Its their problem, not other teams problems, I think you agree with that.They won 6 yes, thats amazing, I think they have something more when in good shape. But again, its not the other teams foult that olof is not playing, the rank can’t just stop and wait for him… Outside of these events, Tempo Storm are also the source of intense debate as they did not receive invites to either ELEAGUE Season 1 or ECS Season 1, both million dollar leagues. However you wish to view that lack of foresight, if the Brazilian team keep up their slate of results in May, they will be a top ten team for a long time to come. Our team ranking is based on teams’ achievements over the past year , recent form over the last 2 months, and performance at offline events in the last 3 months. While you’re out exploring and finding all these neat things to further your progress through the game, there are actual quests that guide the player. There is a possibility for you to encounter them at the same time or for nearby bandits or wild Bots to join into the fray.

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